While fear rises among the great conservative base about your ability to contain words of thought, a few lessons from presidential campaign history may serve well to help advance your campaign as the 2016 Republican Nominee.

Certain members of our esteem

ed media seek the delight of immediate gratification by baiting you into a Twitter response. My advice? Don’t take the bait – instead, cast it back for them to swallow it – hook, line and sinker.

Here are a few pointers…

Perhaps few remember the 1988 Presidential contest when then nominee George H.W. Bush picked up his grandchild and spun her around slowly – with his joyous family looking on in the background. Then DNC chairman Paul G. Kirk came out and said, “If I see George Bush lift his grandchild up again, I’m going to vote for him”. The format for this type of commercial can be easily modified to fit the current nominee.

Fewer still may remember how the savvy pol Richard Nixon would often deflect a reporter’s questions, by answering with the simple phrase: “that reminds me of a story… ” Then proceed to tell a lengthy story while the anxious reporter waited for its nearly interminable conclusion – at which point the question was lost. Why not practice this manner of response to the salvo of loaded questions?

On a more recent note, what about the Democratic nominee’s husband? Why has not a word been uttered of his indiscretions while occupying the office of the president? What about the impeachment that failed because of a democratic congress? What is the wait in resurfacing these sorted memories? Be generous and don’t be afraid to hand the gift of controversy back to its giver.

Finally, on the most current note, wherever and whenever possible every effort should be made to attach (as an important flagged item) the thousands of former missing emails to the Clinton campaign. Make the emails – not Tom Caine, Hillary’s running mate. This is no different than the strategy put forth by the late Lee Atwater in 1988 campaign, when he suggested that we must make Willie Horton (the freed convict who again committed murder), the then Democratic Nominee, Michael Dukakis’s running mate. George H.W. Bush went on to win the election handily.

Recent distractions and deviations aside, there is still time to right the ship. If the Republican nominee had been hired for air traffic control, there might be true cause for concern. But there is still time to clear the runways, and land plane Trump clearly and cleanly in the White House.

This article is purely the opinion of Lou Redman. Lou believes that a man who can build a $9 Billion business can do wonders for our economy. Lou also believes that our children should not have to witness another Clinton Whitehouse.